Credit reports on foreign companies

Timely, accurate and relevant information is very important in any work. And it is extremely important at the initial stage of business contacts establishing. Our source will help you to choose trusted partners.

Before making important decisions or signing a new contract or changing of an existing one, or just starting a new collaboration, you need to be sure of the company reliability. In such cases you have to use an independent source of information. The best way is to take advantage of credit reports provided by CreditRisk.Info.

When you depend on information just make use of  the possibilities that we can offer.  The main goal is to achieve risk minimization. Сredit report permits you to receive business information on business partners and their credit history, describe the company's relationship with partners, subsidiaries, affiliates.

All business processes certainly depend on the information that is needed to reduce the risk of decision-making and strategy development. Information management is a core function of control in most firms, especially in large companies and transnational corporations. Some while it is extremely important to receive timely, accurate and relevant information.

Credit report can show possible risks when you start working with a company.  You must understand clearly the potential that your partner will fail to meet its obligations and you will have a payment default. Using credit report you can achieve the risk minimization.


What you will find in credit report:

  • full registration details and company history;
  • office addresses, phone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses;
  • activities, products, trademarks;
  • major suppliers and customers;
  • information on founders and administration;
  • data about branches and associated companies;
  • balance sheet and income statements, information on banks;
  • lawsuits, presence of debts;
  • creditworthiness and credit recommendations.


CreditRisk.Info provides an independent credit risk assessment and the best credit reports on any company operating in the market of CIS, Baltic States, Europe and Asia. To view the whole list of countries covered please click HERE.

When you may need a credit report:

  • when you have scheduled delivery of goods on credit, and an urgent need to assess the company creditworthiness;
  • making analysis of the market, because it is important to understand clearly the financial condition of competitors;
  • selection of business partners;
  • you want to have a “peer review”, so you order credit report on yourself, it is very popular before negotiations with foreign partners.


CreditRisk.Info is ready to provide full and accurate online credit reports with all business information on targeted company.

It is also useful if your company has intention to:

  • negotiate with someone;
  • change contract conditions;
  • participate in exhibition and external stakeholder of potential partner;
  • clarify the terms of an international treaty or insurance payment etc.


CreditRisk.Info provides credit reports on any company operating in the market of CIS, Baltic States, Europe and Asia. Up-to-date information is collected from official sources; the valuation is made on the formula base. If you have any questions on the service, please contact our office.

When using a credit report you get the benefits:

  • clear picture of your business partner regardless of its location;
  • analysis of cooperation opportunities;
  • strong arguments to achieve more favorable deal.